Refer people who might need our help & earn $250-500 per client.

Only for Edgy's partners & customers.

For Our Clients.

You're already a client of Edgy, and you're convinced that we're delivering great value?

=> Nothing easier than that. Just refer to us the candidates that might be interested in our services, and you'll get compensated for your efforts with 10% of the client close value.

For Partners or 3rd Parties

By now we should've done a strategy session together, so you perfectly understand what Edgy is delivering to our customers, and you can recommend us in good faith.

If that's the case, just refer us good candidates in your network that might be interested in our services.


Your candidate should be in our target audience, e.g. in the Linkedin crowd, a professional of any type, but esp. company or business owner.

How it works.

Lead Referral Network.

1. You Refer The Lead

You fill in the data of your referral, incl. email & phone number.

=> That way it is clear in Edgy's CRM that this potential client has been referred to us by you.

2. We Prequalify The Lead

We try to reach the lead via phone for a prequalification call:
In this call we figure out if your referral will be able to work together with us.

3. Strategy Call

If that's the case, we will move on to a strategy session with your referral, and try to close him/her as a customer.

4. Payment

If that's the case, you'll get paid your referral fee in 1 month after the last payment of the client (in case of partial payments).

Refer Your Contact.

We're looking forward! ;)

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