We build B2B category leaders.

For B2B Companies in Consulting, Agency Services, IT, SaaS, Complex Products.

We scale you up ASAP.

Get 5-10 highly qualified leads monthly.

Positioning & Target Audience

You're not a 'Product Consultant'. You're a 'Product Consultant for Fintech startups after Series A'. You're not a 'Marketing Agency' -you're a 'Marketing Agency for high-priced E-commerce products'.


Once your high ticket offer is clear, we help you to get the first customer with the new offer ASAP. Now you're selling the *value of your solution*.

Manual Lead Generation

We teach you how to easily search for your target audience on Linkedin, and pitch them correctly through 1:1 manual engagement. We automate this process eventually.


Pre-qualifying your prospects based on time, money & energy, so you don't waste time running after broke companies or when there is no personal fit.

Closing & Sales

Sales starts when the customer says 'No'. We teach you how to close high ticket contracts from 4 to 5 digits over Zoom.

Paid Advertising

We show you how to run ads on Linkedin, so you can get 5-10 qualified leads per month, which directly schedule into your calendar.

Edgy is your way to go EU.


Initial Situation: Coaching developers pro bono at the 'Mentoring Club'.

Outcome: Started charging 3-5k Euro packages, founded German company. Now multiple 5 figures in revenue/monthly.

Key changes: Positioning, Packaging, Lead Generation, Manual Engagement from Content Marketing.

Visit: https://www.codewithdragos.com/

The Mindful Leader

Initial Situation: Silicon Valley Veteran Dr. Reiner Kraft -President Yahoo & VP of Zalando- was looking to offer 'Mindfulness-Coaching' to CTOs, had no sales in 2 months.

Outcome: Closed packages of 5k, 11k, 6k and 19k Euro with CTO's, in UK, Ireland, Germany in under 2 months.

Key changes: Packaging, Strategy Board, Manual Lead Gen on Linkedin.

Visit: https://de.themindfulleader.net/


Initial Situation: Filip Fucic was selling 'Pricing Consulting' to his home market in Croatia- BNI as only network- and was looking to internationalize when Corona hit.

Outcome: Created consulting packages at multiples of the home country offer for EU & USA. In 2021, Filip had 18 clients at a 3k Euro offer.

Key changes: Internationalization, Constant lead flow through Manual Lead Gen and Paid Advertising.

Visit: https://lift-off.pro/

How it works.


Free intro call. In this 15 minute call we basically want to get to know each other & see if we can help you.


Strategy Session. Once we see a fit, we conduct a much longer 1,5h strategy session together where you will learn exactly how Edgy's strategy applies to your case.


Onboarding. Once you're ready to go, we open up our channels & material for you, in order to supercharge your growth from minute 1.

About Us

In Munich 'Dahoam', in Europe at home.

"Of course the nature of B2B high ticket companies is to build generational wealth, so you never have to worry about money again. But we at Edgy are looking at much more than that. We're looking to build category leaders together with our consultants & B2B service providers that are unrivaled in their niche. When you sign up at Edgy, you become part of our family. And once you become family, we will always have your back."

Deniz Palo, Founder & CEO

Apply now for a free intro call.

15 minutes to get to know each other.

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