We help European tech champions get funded.

In Seed and Series A/B.

Markets that we focus on.

Those are our expertise areas, but in general we're open to any startup vertical.

Greentech, Energy, Climate, Sustainability

The market for Greentech has seen a huge number of new Seed & Series A focused funds come up in the past 2-3 years. Greentech is the area where Edgy currently has the majority of warm contacts with around 200 VCs.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Generative AI

By now it's clear that LLMs are gonna change the world. We're witnessing a new paradigm shift, similar to the era of mobile, which is gonna have a huge impact on almost any area of business.

Fintech, Web3, Crypto

Fintech, and Crypto specifically, has been our own background since 2013. Hence, Edgy has a lot of crypto/web3 native connections, spanning all the way to Fintech.


Anything from B2C to B2B marketplaces, but also Exchanges. Food, Talent, Social, and type of Services and Tech. We love people with subject matter expertise, that bring their unique way of thinking & experience in order to tackle new markets.

B2B SaaS

70-80% Gross Margins, healthy & measurable MRR with an adequate burn rate, are always great canidates for funding. A lot of those businesses are even bootstrapped, and only need the cash to grow faster.

Hardware, Deep Tech, Robotics & Engineering

Anything hardware based, spanning from engineering and industry based applications like robotics, up to quantum computing. The world of atoms vs. the world of bits.

VCs that we've been partnering with.

>500 VCs from the US to the EU.

Albert Wenger- Partner Union Square Ventures

"I greatly appreciate Deniz's effort. He has pointed USV to a number of interesting opportunities over the years."

John Doe, Designer

"As an designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company."

What the fundraising process looks like.

Depending on how far you are already, we will jump into the process at any of those steps.

1. P&L and KPI Screening

We will check for your numbers in order to make sure that your ambition is rooted in reality, and we can actually help you raise the round.

2. Ask & Valuation

Setting a wrong ask & valuation can kill your round before it even starts. We make sure that both the ask & valuation actually matches market level for your current stage.

3. Pitch Deck

We will make sure that the pitch deck entails all crucial information, but most importantly, *leave out* stuff that is harmful and will shut the door in your face before you even had a chance to pitch.

4. Introductions

We will make introductions to warm contacts in our network. This will include personal calls on behalf, but otherwise directly through email.

5. Feedback Loop

We run lists together & analyze the feedback gathered from the calls so far, in order to make appropriate changes for upcoming calls.

6. Closing

Getting a term sheet is one of the happiest parts of fundraising, but it still requires some negotiation and other legal discussions. We're happy to help you out with that.

About Us

In Munich 'Dahoam', in Europe at home.

Building European Category Leaders.

We're on a mission to streamline the funding process for the next generation of European startups

As a serial entrepreneur myself I know the pain that entrepreneurs go through, the countless hours spent without knowing the outcome, the sacrifices in their personal lives & relationships, always striving for the goal of building something great. If you have that fire inside of you, the chip on your shoulder, the desire to succeed: I'm happy to fight together with you & help you on your journey to crush it in the smartest way possible by avoiding crucial mistakes, so your time spent is worth it.

How it works.


Free Pitch Deck + P&L Screening. We will look over your shoulder and tell you quickly, if we can help you in your current fundraise.


Strategy Session. We will conduct a strategy session together & lay out the path to your success.


Onboarding. We will get started on the details such as the right tools for both your deck & our analysis on the back end.

Apply now for a free intro call.

15 minutes to get to know each other.

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