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Sparring Partner to CTO's.

The Mindful Leader helps Technology Leaders to increase their Self-awareness, Resilience & Energy Levels while being a Sparring-Partner to build impactful and purposeful Tech Organizations.

Reiner experienced the problems of CTO's burning out & having too much on their shoulders himself, as an Ex-Silicon Valley executive. That's why he's out on a mission to help his fellow CTO's and other C-Level executives in their organization.

Dr. Reiner Kraft

The CIA for B2B.

Central Marketing Intelligence helps Entrepreneurs and Managers to grow their business thanks to Big-Data market research.

For this purpose, Caterina & Giovanni are using proprietary software, and become your 'ears' in the market: They can see trends occuring before it even shows up on Google, having the 'all seeing eye' even in forums or social media, of what is relevant for your specific market niche, especially if you're about to release new products & product lines.

Curing absenteeism at corporates.

Montisoro helps ambitious organisations to develop a wellbeing strategy to improve workplace happiness & reduce absenteeism.

After working at chemical & other industries with corporates, Laurence experienced first hand the issue of absenteeism, and the huge consequences it had for both the companies, and also the public, when employees deliberately didn't show up to work.

She has set up a system, that clearly shows the employer, how much the company can save by following her steps, and thereby implementing strategies for the wellbeing of the employees, so the problem doesn't even occur in the first place.

Laurence van den Bergh

Tech talent for SMBs & startups

bits&birds delivers real digital executive search. It connects companies and people in the European digital ecosystem.

Daniel & Can want to become the smartest headhunting agency in the digital & IT sector and a global SaaS provider. They use machine learning algorithms in order to maximize efficiency and quality in the recruiting process.

Their offer will include exact forecasts regarding salary expectations, candidate pool size, or recruiting process duration. On top they will offer automated assessment of skills, motivation and cultural fit.

Security for cloud platform owners.

Spore helps platform stakeholders improve operations through a secure & reliable cloud operating model while decreasing your time-to-market.

Nicolas bring with him a variety of cloud infrastructure knowledge, that he has now put into action with several companies like Shell.

Processes that have been running suboptimal in the background & had huge opportunity cost for DevOps, are one of the areas Nicolas focuses on.

Nicolas Kramer

A long life for your companyassets.

NRS Consulting helps maintenance and reliability teams prevent equipment breakdown by using data-informed decision making.

From coal-fired power plants, to green-field plastic recycling companies, Simon helps maintenance managers, asset managers and reliability engineers to get to better performance, reduced costs and managed risks - without wasting time and money.

On top, Simon is a lecturer for 'Maintenance & Asset Management' at the HU University of Applied Sciences, underlining his expertise.

Simon van Benten

Confidence for software developers.

CodeWithDragos helps software developers achieve technical mastery and get paid what they deserve.

Coping with insecurities in his previous jobs as a software developer, Dragos set out to help his peers through his one of a kind mentoring program in the industry.

He has amassed a large audience of software developers that he consistently delivers content for.

Dragos Nedelcu

Branding & Social Media for Italy.

F2F COMMUNICATION helps Italian companies to create brand identity, social media & advertising campaigns.

As a previous model herself, Francesca can easily integrate her modeling & shooting agency service into this process, where she has access to various actors & models in Italy.

Francesca Ferrazzi

Getting the pricing closer to your value.

Lift-off helps independent professional practices and technical experts charge a 15-50% higher price in 8 weeks or less.

During this process, Filip focuses on value-based pricing, market segmentation, and positioning. He teaches price negotiations as well.

As a highly analytical mind, Filip made himself a name on Quora early on through his expertise, long before Linkedin, and on top is is one of the designated “Expert pricing Peep” of the North American Your Business Peeps community for personal brands.

Filip Fucic

Helping entrepreneurs to get into flow.

Remaster helps Founders/CEOs to regain vitality and peak performance through FLOW neuroscience techniques.

As a serial entrepreneur, Remigijus experienced the vicious circle of burnout first-hand himself.

He is helping founders & business owners to relax & get into a flow mode easily, by taking various measures during his mentoring phase, like measuring their blood & heart rate during their exercises.

Remigijus Savickas

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