We build B2B category leaders.

Through *fully remote* consulting & service providing.

Edgy is a family.

Was charging $100/session. Went to $3,000 for 10 weeks.

“What is going on in your Linkedin inbox is more important than what is going on in your feed. Edgy has helped me to find my niche & understand how the funnel works. You have turned someone who was scared of sales - who even thought it might be a dirty word - into someone who now at least understands what the mindset of sales is. My relationship to you on a personal level was a very constructive one - you taught me a lot. It is that sort of relationship that if you come to Prague, let's go for some beers! ;)”

Roderick Lambert, coaches C-Level Executives

Was coaching pro bono. Went to 5.000 Euro for 3 months.

“You helped me to help other people. If you don't build a business out of it, your consulting will not be sustainable. Selling was completely new for me as a software engineer, Edgy helped me with all the process & sheets. The communication with you was very easy & you were very patient with me. I mean who is available at 7pm or during weekends to immediately respond? This shows that you guys are entrepreneurs at heart and therefore I'm very happy to have chosen Edgy as a consulting partner on this. I have prolonged with you so that I'm accountable to someone. You help me a lot with my mindset & motivation. ”

Dragos Nedelcu, teaches professionals in their 30ies and 40ies to get a developer job.

Edgy is your way to go EU.

We scale you up ASAP.

Get 5-10 leads weekly. Charge $2k-5k-10k per contract.

Positioning & Target Audience

You're not a 'Product Consultant'. You're a 'Product Consultant for startups after Series A'. This difference alone takes you to >$5-10k per contract.


Once your high ticket offer is clear, we help you to get the first customer ASAP. From now on, you stop selling your time for money, and start selling the *value of your solution*.

Manual Lead Generation

We teach you how to easily search for your target audience on Linkedin, and pitch them correctly through 1:1 manual engagement.


Pre-qualifying your prospects based on time, money & energy, so you don't waste time running after broke people.

Closing & Sales

Sales starts when the customer says 'No'. We teach you how to close high ticket prices from $2k-10k on Zoom.

Paid Advertising

We show you how to run ads on Linkedin, so you can get 5-10 qualified leads per week.

How it works.


Free intro call. In this 15 minute call we basically want to get to know each other & see if we can help you.


Strategy Session. Once we see a fit, we conduct a much longer 1,5h strategy session together where you will learn exactly how Edgy's strategy applies to your case.


Onboarding. Once you're ready to go, we open up our channels & material for you, in order to supercharge your growth from minute 1.

About Us

In Munich 'Dahoam', in Europe at home.

"Of course the nature of high ticket is to build generational wealth, so you never have to worry about money again. But we at Edgy are looking at much more than that. We're looking to build category leaders together with our consultants & B2B service providers that are unrivaled in their niche. When you sign up at Edgy, you become part of our family. And once you become family, we will always have your back."

Deniz Palo, Founder & CEO

Apply now for a free intro call.

15 minutes to get to know each other.

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