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Couldn't read the chart as a fund analyst.

“Edgy’s consulting has given me incredible knowledge for my tasks at my hedge fund. I learned many things which are crucial in the hedge fund business, like ‘slippage’ in orders among many others.Altogether, I had great value during the mentorship, learning how to recognize patterns myself, up to the anticipation of pattern forming. I have understood position sizing without taking too much risk. Deniz never stayed short off going the extra mile, and we had many personal talks about the current fundamentals in crypto space. I can fully recommend anyone who wants to learn technical analysis from the core to start with Edgy.”

Murat, works at Hedge Fund

Lost 6 figures because he didn't know how to take risks.

“I’m a guitarist by profession, until I got rheumatism in my hands, and had to find something else. After making great gains with Crypto in 2017, I kept on HODLing and trusting some Moonboys & fake gurus on TradingView, up until I lost almost everything. Deniz’s course has helped me a lot to understand & read the chart, it is filled with information & dozens of PDF’s. I liked most when we was showing me stuff on Teamviewer, it helped me a lot to have the personal connection and directly ask him questions. I can recommend anyone who still makes mistakes to give Deniz a call, he knows what he’s doing! I wish you a great trading! . ”

Robert, Guitarist

Edgy is leading on TradingView.

No more listening to 'analysts'.

You get in control of your own money.

Trading vs. Investing

The core difference between Money & Portfolio Management vs Active Trading.

The Market Mechanism

Supply & Demand, Order Types, Margin Trading, Shorting

The Chart Anatomy

Candlestick Patterns, Volume, Highs & Lows, Trendlines, Support & Resistance Levels, Bull & Bear Patterns.

Using Indicators correctly

Moving Averages & MACD, RSI & Divergence, Fibonacci Levels

The Psychology of Trading

Overtrading, Revenge Trading, Loss Aversion, Flip Bias

Money & Risk Management

Position Sizing, Trading Strategies incl. Trigger, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Fake-Outs; Statistics with Google Data Studio

How it works.


Free intro call. In this 15 minute call we basically want to get to know each other & see if we can help you.


Strategy Session. Once we see a fit, we conduct a much longer 1,5h strategy session together where you will learn exactly how Edgy's strategy applies to your case.


Onboarding. Once you're ready to go, we open up our channels & material for you, in order to supercharge your growth from minute 1.

About Us

In Munich 'Dahoam', in Europe at home.

"Of course the nature of trading & portfolio management is to build generational wealth, so you never have to worry about money again. But our most important focus is on capital preservation. As I have gone through the pain of losing my trading account, I know what a huge stain this can be on your finances & relationships. Through Edgy's work, we want to make our contribution to the retail traders, to give them the necessary confidence & partnership, so they can trust their abilities again to make informed decisions with their capital, and at the end of this journey, achieve financial independence."

Deniz Palo, Founder & CEO

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15 minutes to get to know each other.

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